Hypnotic Solutions


The uncritical acceptance of suggestions while the subconscious mind is in a heightened state of receptivity.

Placing the conscious mind in abeyance while communicating directly with the subconscious.

Controlled daydreaming.

Hypnosis Programs

Weight Loss

The goal of the weight loss program is to help you find peace with food in your life. This program helps you to find the relationship with food that enables you to loss the amount of weight you desire and to keep it off. This is not a short term change of eating habits. This is a life long change that eliminates yo-yo dieting.

The first session is very in depth and can last up to two hours. It is very broad, covering all aspects of life style change. The client is given a back up CD to reinforce the first session and is required to listen to it at least once a day for the first two weeks. This CD helps the suggestions become your new habits.

The second session is two weeks after first. In this session we hone the program very specifically to you as an individual. Where as the first session was very broad based this session is more detailed. The previous two weeks have helped you to discover your personal needs. We now take those specifics and use them to build a foundation for your future eating habits. Client is given two more CDs at this point, one for eating habits and one for exercise. The goal of these CDs is to give the client the means to reinforce what ever they feel is necessary at any given time. This cuts down on the number of visits required and makes he program much more cost effective. The third session is four to six weeks after the second. Often clients plateau after their initial weight loss. The third session is used to deal with any new issues and reinforce existing good habits. For clients looking to loose twenty five pounds or less this visit is often unnecessary.

The cost is $125.00 for the first session. (This session can last up to two hours.) The additional sessions are $100.00 each. This program is guaranteed. (See guarantee policy page)

Weight Loss