Hypnotic Solutions


The uncritical acceptance of suggestions while the subconscious mind is in a heightened state of receptivity.

Placing the conscious mind in abeyance while communicating directly with the subconscious.

Controlled daydreaming.

What Is Hypnosis

The Subconscious Mind:

The subconscious part of our mind is the most powerful part of our mind. It contains our creative thoughts, our dreams, our beliefs, emotions, habits, and all our memories from the time we were very young. It contains ever thing that makes us who we are. It defines who we are good and bad. It has one shortcoming. It is somewhat gullible. It takes whatever it is told as absolute truth and acts on it immediately as long as the suggestions do not violate our moral or ethical standards or threatens our safety. No one can be made to do anything against his or her will under any circumstance. Even some one who smokes cigarettes cannot be made to stop, unless they truly want too. This gullibility is result of its dependence on the conscious mind.