Hypnotic Solutions


The uncritical acceptance of suggestions while the subconscious mind is in a heightened state of receptivity.

Placing the conscious mind in abeyance while communicating directly with the subconscious.

Controlled daydreaming.

What Is Hypnosis

The Hypnotic Process:

As a hypnotist I put your conscious mind to the side and talk directly to your subconscious. In essence become your conscious voice. Since your subconscious accepts all positive suggestions within the parameters of your moral and ethical standards and acts on them. Habits can be modified or changed. Sometimes the change is immediate. Other times it is like a seed that needs time to take root and grow. This is totally dependent on the individual.

A good example is the smoking habit. Smoking is ninety- percent habit, ten-percent physical addiction. After years of smoking this habit becomes deeply engrained into the subconscious mind. The smoker has cigarettes after meals, behind the wheel of their car, and at other specific times of the day. After many hundreds or thousands of repetitions this habit becomes deeply ingrained.

So the smoker decides to quit cold turkey. They get behind the wheel of their car. Their subconscious mind says, "You're behind the wheel of your car time for a cigarette". Their conscious mind says, "No I quit smoking I don't do that any more". The subconscious answers "We always have a cigarette now, we need to have one"! An argument ensues between the conscious and the subconscious parts of your mind. Since the subconscious mind is so much stronger it eventually ends up winning the battle.

Through hypnosis we over write this habit pattern. In most people it cannot be eliminated, but it can be over written. It is then transformed from a nine hundred-pound gorilla forcing you to have a cigarette, to a little voice on your shoulder. Something manageable that fades with time. (For more in formation on smoking cessation see Hypnosis Programs page on this Website.)